Short Answer: Yes

Overlooking Casino
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Long Answer: If you are somehow one of the few people who hasn’t seen this movie and had any desire to during the press tour, you should. It is a visceral action movie that has a ton of bite and charm. It is one of those where you need to know everything about this crazy new place, Wakanda.

If you want a film with an actual villain, I highly recommend checking this movie out! I was blown away and wanted to see more. I thought Michael B. Jordan had a relevant back story and made our heroes more likable.

It was a film that captivated my attention and deserves a second viewing for sure. From Chadwick Boseman to Lupita Nyong’o to Danai Gurira, Ryan Coogler used the cast perfectly to create a brand new world that we haven’t seen in the Marvel Universe. It is definitely worth seeing on the big screen.