By: Nick Askam

Lemonade is the music video for the album Lemonade by Beyonce. The video project has been in debate on whether it’s a movie or a music video. The main thing is that, in this video, Beyonce is on a whole different level. The video outlines not only Beyonce’s struggles but also the many struggles for many other women out there.

The music is, of course, amazing. This review will focus mostly on the video side. A music review for Lemonade is potentially coming soon. Now back to the review.

To be honest, I need to watch this and listen to the music more to give a more detailed review. So, this review will be very short – sorry.

As far as cinematography goes, this is nothing short of amazing. It has been compared to Terrance Malik, and is one of the best-looking music videos I have seen in years. I love how the camera moves around and how the actors stay in frame constantly. The feel of the video is spectacular, too. It captures the tone and helps explain the message more easily.

The acting and movement by the actors was captivating. The way that they flowed with the music made this one of the best music videos of the decade. When Beyonce was on screen, we all knew it was her show. The way that Beyonce and the other actors worked together heightened the amazingness of this video.

Beyonce and dancers in Lemonade music video.jpg

In my humble opinion, the video does get a little pretentious. I love the ideas of women ruling the world, but I feel like it comes from a perspective that most people can’t understand, or don’t ever come back to because they interpret the view as pretentious.

Overall, I love the cinematography. I love how the actors move on screen. I just wish it was more digestible on the first few viewings. Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I tried so hard to get into it and am still just a little lost.

Short Review: Great cinematography. Wish it was less pretentious. Still don’t fully get it.

Grade: B+