By: Nick Askam

Everybody Wants Some!! is directed by Richard Linklater and stars Blake Jenner, Tyler Hoechlin, and Ryan Guzman as baseball players at a Texas University in 1980. It’s mainly about Jake (Blake Jenner) as a freshman entering his frat house for the first time as he goes into college alone in the world. It’s essentially a story about how he balances the normal “frat” life and a girl, Beverly (Zoey Deutch), who he realizes he actually likes.

What makes Everybody Wants Some!! work is the chemistry between all the cast mates. The way that they communicate makes it easy to believe their characters. Instantly, you can recognize who’s been in the house the longest and who the newcomers are. The way that Jake meets his teammates and then begins to interact with them makes the story so believable. I also loved the way that Glen Powell and Tyler Hoechlin would treat their fellow new teammates and play “alpha” amongst them.

I love movies where I can remember scenes so vividly and they stick with me. This definitely happened with Everybody Wants Some!! My favorite scene from this film is when Willoughby (Wyatt Russell) has a spiritual moment with his fellow teammates. As he’s joined around an imaginary campfire with Jake, Dale (J. Quinton Johnson), and Plummer (Temple Baker) he goes off on random tangents and sets a school record for smoking pot. The best part of this whole bit is the telekinesis part. All the guys sit around as the moment builds up and then ends with a hilarious conclusion.

With the whole movie being centered around Blake Jenner’s character, his performance needed to be fantastic for this film to be great. He was just that. His performance carried the film in some parts, and his character never said or did anything out of character. He was likeable. It was easy to understand where he was coming from and, best of all, he actually looks like his character, a baseball player. His relationships with his teammates and Zoey Deutch are believable and fun. Overall, it was his inquisitive looks that sold his performance for me.

Zoey Deutch only had a small role in this film, but she killed it. If you check out my Before I Fall review, I explained how I believe she’s the next big thing. Even though her part was minor, this was one of the films that started the idea for me. Her limited role was solid as it was because that’s all she was supposed to be in the film. The film was about the many important parts of Jake’s life at this point. Had she completely taken over the film, I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much. Her reserved attitude to go along with Jenner’s was great.

The music in this film is amazing, as well. Jake and Willoughby are huge music lovers in the film, so whenever they play something it’s really amazing and entertaining. The soundtrack, in general, is what is most remarkable. There’s a certain level of nostalgia that I personally did not feel during the movie, but I know that many others do. I didn’t need the nostalgia factor to be able to enjoy it. It has great tracks for both rock and country music lovers. I was so thoroughly pleased with the song selection that I actually started an 80’s trend in my listening to music the following week after watching Everybody Wants Some!! Linklater and the team all around deserve outstanding marks for the audio in this film.

Overall, I kinda wish this movie had been made 10ish years ago so that it would have gotten more attention. I know for some people it has misogynistic aspects, but I think these elements reflect the time period well. The way that the many personalities mesh and work together is one of my favorite things about this film. What I enjoyed most from the film was the way the teammates interacted with each other and the way that they treated each other. The sense of genuine interaction is difficult to find, and even more in guys in their 20’s, so to see it in the film made it that much more unique. Everybody Wants Some!! is one of the best films in 2016 in my opinion, and I have highly recommended it to my friends and anyone looking for a great movie.

Grade: A+