I’m super torn on this movie. On one hand, I thought there were moments that were great and on the other, I’m thinking this has got to be the movie with the dumbest protagonists. This was one of those movies where I actually started rooting for the bad guy to win. Why? There were so many stupid mistakes that the main characters made that it almost drove me up the wall. There were so many times I was like, “whuuutt?….??”. Also, the bad guy does some weird stuff at the end that felt like torture porn. His intentions were also a little strange and some of the timing was weird to me. There were also moments where I thought the action was amazing and the pacing kept me laser focused. In the end, I wish the director would’ve given us a hint a little earlier on that our main characters were going to be so dumb like in Green Room.

Don’t Breathe is about 3 kids trying to rob a house from a blind man. This may sound like a dumb concept, but these “criminals” are trying to escape the poverty in Detroit. The guy that they’re trying to rob happens to be an ex-military man (Stephen Lang). The three criminals are named Money (Daniel Zovatto), Alex (Dylan Minnette), and Rocky (Jane Levy). Money and Rocky are dating and Alex is trying desperately to get with Rocky, so YAY love triangle! My favorite! Anyways, these kids are pretty sure that this dude has money because his daughter got hit by a car and they think it’s an easy win to rob him.

What I liked about this movie is how the action is shown. The amount of suspense that’s built by holding a shot a second longer and having the score ominously creep in is fantastic. There were so many moments that this film could’ve scared you without really doing anything. Yes, there are a few jump scares, but none of them take away from the film. I felt that they didn’t ruin the experience and were used appropriately. I liked how every time that we learned, through the eyes of our three main characters, a new fact about the blind man, the stakes were raised to new heights as these kids were trying to get out. There were also some great moments where we can empathize a little with the older man just to have it ripped out in front of us because he just did something incredibly terrible. I liked how the film played with your emotions and made you question who is in the wrong in this present situation.

I also really liked the ending. I thought the final few shots made this film feel creepier than it actually was. I liked how the film flips your expectations on its head and makes you question the build up to that part. I was surprised by how well it kept my attention and could honestly watch it again in the near future.

What I didn’t like was how the plot got way too deep in certain parts. There’s a “torture” scene at the end that makes no sense why it’s in there. This dude does something to this poor girl that made a mistake but there’re some plot problems. Like how did she get the newspaper clippings? How did she get this far? Why is his plot so sinister? If his master plan goes through, does he understand the consequences? If he did this after a certain event and court case, how did he transport the girl here? Finally, how did Rocky’s pants get fixed? There were just some parts that tried to be too complex for the short time that the film dedicated itself to.

Overall, I think this was a fun movie that I will see again. I’m glad that I got to experience this in the theater. I think it helped build some of the emotions. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and liked all of its gore and darkness. There were some parts that made the film a little too complex, but it was a fun time. Don’t think too hard like the main characters.

Grade: B