This film was released in theaters and VOD on November 4th and comes out on DVD on January 3rd. It’s a story about a homeless man who finds this strange empty house. Then he gets trapped inside and relieves some of his most traumatizing moments through life. This leads to some flashbacks and other strange occurrences to happen to this man.

The performance by Michael Pare was all right. I wouldn’t say it’s anything special or monumental. I think he played his character, but I don’t think I could see him as anything other than a sad man. I think Lauren Alexandra, Rachel Whittle, and Amy Wickenheiser were all right as well. Everyone in this film had largely forgettable performances.

If this sounds high concept, it’s because it is. The film comes off as extremely pretentious to unyieldingly drawn out. It has this exposition that feels like an eternity that’s only actually 45 minutes (half of the film). I didn’t understand what the point of half of this exposition was either. It tried so hard to establish a connection with the audience that just didn’t resonate with me. I had the hardest time caring at all for him because time and time again, we’re shown how terrible of a person he was. And how his wife’s suicide was 90% of his fault.

I didn’t understand how this homeless man kept sleeping with random girls. I know that’s a stretch, but it’s mentioned a few times. I know his charisma is also showed in the film a few times. It just seems crazy to me just based on my current perception of homeless people. The first woman that he was with could’ve smelled it or something, I would guess based on his reaction to having a shower at the house.

The visuals were lackluster to say the least. The film is mostly blue and orange. Although those are the two favorite colors in Hollywood, they never really connected with me. It felt like this took place on different planet. It felt like the color was overwhelming and the film couldn’t change the mood that it was trying to set besides what the color was showing. This leaves the film feeling unbalanced and out of control.

Overall, this film is drab, boring, and way too high concept for its own good. I wish the main character was more fleshed out in a positive way and I could feel sympathy for him. In this film, he’s unwavering and unwilling to accept his wrongdoing in life. If you need something to watch, I would recommend something else for your time.

Grade: D