Be careful for spoilers

After all the hype and anticipation, was this movie worth the hype? Absolutely!

I honestly haven’t been this surprised by a Marvel movie since Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I am so happy that they made a movie that feels like a full movie and not one that’s an advertisement for the next one to come. The effects are amazing and spectacular along with the performances.

I was always rooting for Benedict Cumberbatch to be a great Doctor Strange, but I never imagined how much I’d like him. His accent is a little familiar to House, which works super well. His overwhelming arrogance plays fantastically with wholesome desire for greatness. His intellect carries him into interesting scenarios and Tilda Swinton humbles him expertly. I fully welcome him into the Marvel universe and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rachel McAdams and Benedict Wong do not disappoint. Christine (McAdams) could’ve been a damsel in distress, but she stands up for herself. She’s competent and a huge part of the film. Unlike some other females in comic book movies, cough cough Lois. Wong, on the other hand, is a fascinating character. He has a sense of pride to him and it’s almost like we can interpret his whole backstory based on how he communicates. The part he has at the end humanizes him and I hope he has another huge role in the second movie.

The visuals are spectacular. It felt like an acid trip and I never wanted it to stop. From the fights on the sideways buildings to the alternate dimensions to the last fight. Doctor Strange makes this film that I would actually want to see in IMAX 3D. I will definitely be seeing it again in the next week. I don’t know how else to explain the visuals except that they were amazing.

I liked the plot. I know a lot of people will say it’s simple, but I think it did things that we haven’t seen from Marvel movies in a while. It had no real destruction and the bad guy was beat with wit instead of sheer force. Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecilius made for a good villain because we are shown so many similar characteristics to Strange that we understand his perspective. He had one of the best monologs to explain his position and even Strange felt him for a little. Chiwetel Ejiofor was great as usual. He had this swagger to him that was palpable.

The best part of the film was hands down the speech that Tilda Swinton delivers right before her death. After all of her secrets have been exposed, she has come to the realization that this is where she leaves. She has this great speech about how death means creates so much meaning for life and that even though she’s had so much time, she doesn’t want to leave. She’s slowing down time to just see the snow fall one more time. The slow motion lightning traveling through the air with the snow actually forming in front of them makes this moment feel real.

Overall, this film even wrote “please, do not text and drive” or something like that at the end and I feel like some kids are hoping that they break their hands to turn into wizards. I loved this film from the second that it started to the final scene. I would highly recommend it.

Grade: A

P.S. The combination of Taika Waititi and Dr. Strange has gotten me excited for the new Thor movie. I never thought I’d say that.