Pixar has done it again. They made a creative, fun short film that blew me away. I can’t believe how attached I was to this cute little bird after just 6 minutes.

This film is about a newborn bird that is experiencing the wild for the first time. It starts with Piper opening its mouth to get food, but the mom is making it go out into the water and get its own food. Pipers’s maturing and needs to grow up. It goes well at first and then an ocean wave comes and knocks Piper over. Piper becomes terrified of the ocean and has overcome his fear.

The animation in this short film was amazing. I couldn’t believe some of the water effects and feather effects that were shown. I remember watching For the Birds (2000) and just seeing the difference in the animation is amazing. Piper shows once again that these short films actually hold up against the main film. In Piper’s case, it was right before Finding Dory.

Overall, Piper is a wonderful film about maturation and growing up. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I will be seeing this one again soon.

Grade: A-