Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1 Review

“The Adventures of Supergirl”

Tyler Hoechlin is everything that I wish Henry Cavill is playing Superman. He killed it! I was so nervous when he was cast because I didn’t know how the dynamic would work or how it would play out, but boy am I surprised and happy! I think he was a perfect addition. He fits in so well with Melissa Benoist and I’m super excited to see where the series is going.

This premiere gave me hope for the whole next season. I was excited before this. Now, I am pumped up. This is amazing for the CW that they’re able to have Supergirl fit in so well with the other three shows. I think it was the best premiere of the four and I think it will bring a whole new tone to the CW lineup.

Melissa Benoist is once again fabulous as Kara Danvers/ Supergirl. She controls her own spot and is the star of the show. Even when Superman was on-screen, I felt her presence and she commanded the screen. I think she has great chemistry with Winn, Alex, and Hank, and her relationship with James will hopefully stop all of this romantic nonsense. I liked how the episode took a turn to focus more on Kara instead of Supergirl like last season. I think reporter is the perfect job for her as Cat said and I’m just excited to see how she works on making herself a better person and how she will go on saving the world this season.

Cat was amazing as always. She has the best line that I’ve heard in a while which is:

“She went to Yale” -Kara (speaking of her new assistant)

“So did George Bush” -Cat

I think it was another display of Cat just thinking ahead and showing her true personality. I also thought she was great when she started flirting with Clark. It was just one of those moments that I didn’t expect and loved. I think she’s a great maternal figure for Kara and keeps her on the straight and narrow.

I understand that there will be a lack of screen time for both Alex and Hank while Superman is around. I wish that they can be more incorporated into the story. I felt like Alex was a pawn in all of the plans. I hope in that in future episodes she can take more of a commanding approach. I am very interested to see where her story goes on the quest to find her and Kara’s father. Hank flying around was great and I hope we get to see more of him and Kara fighting together. I loved their line when they said “we like the new place” poking fun at CBS.

The big mystery with Mon-El is intriguing me. I think it’ll have something to do with the four-night crossover. I liked his introduction and thought it was done well enough.

I’m glad Winn has a job after being fired from Catco. I think this is the best place for him as well.

I also liked the introduction to Lena Luthor. It’s always nice that there are so many female characters in the show. I know some people might say it’s a little bias, but I say let all of the characters be female for all I care. I didn’t mind at all and I think she has the look that Cat has where you know that she’s thinking five steps ahead of everyone else. I am honestly most excited for her this season because she’s way cooler than Maxwell Lord in my opinion.

Overall, I think it’s a great start on the new network. I can’t wait to see where the show goes from here. I know they experienced some growing pains in the beginning, but I think the tone and action that Supergirl is creating is great. Hopefully, they’ve stopped with all of the Kara and James drama, but it’s CW so you never know. Anyways, I’m excited for what’s to come.

Grade: A-