This movie really does take you back in time. The atmosphere brought completely to the forefront and I don’t mind most of the flaws. Except the racist parts where Marty (Michael J. Fox) teaches Chuck Berry how to rock and roll (like it’s just a white person thing) or the janitor becoming the mayor (again a white person had to tell a black person what goals they could have). The rest of the film was well paced and just an overall fun time. The relationships between the characters were well thought out and fun.

I like how the movie shows you how fun it is by not explaining the friendship between Marty and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). It’s just saying to ignore most of the other leaps in logic because this movie will make no attempts to try to make sense. I appreciate that for what it’s worth. It realizes that this is a completely fictional tale and the only reason that this makes sense is if time travel exists. And it doesn’t.

It also says a little about fighting your fears and fighting for what’s yours. I liked the transition of the dad (Crispin Glover) from the beginning to the end of the film. I thought it was funny without trying to be serious. I also liked how the mom (Lea Thompson) was much happier in the end as well. Although, it would be an interesting story to say that you met because your mom hit on her own kid. I liked how the film was also a little about family responsibility and keeping the family together. Albeit that Marty caused all of the mistakes, at least he fixed the problems and actually made a compelling story about it. We see Marty’s growth but have to interpret how the other characters changed. I thought that was one of the best parts. The film actually made you think a little bit.

I think it deserved the Oscar for best sound editing. There’re no complaints from me. I don’t know who else was nominated and I don’t know if I’ve seen those films, but I’m going to guess that I haven’t. I didn’t notice any standout performances nor any reasons for the film to get the best picture award. So, I’m pretty okay with how it was awarded.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. It was fun, despite being a little racist. It was made a long time ago so it’s forgiven mostly from me.

Score: 9/10