I will first admit that I love Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom so I knew that I would love this immediately. As far as Andy’s humor goes, I loved him on SNL and Brooklyn 99 is one of my favorite shows that’s currently on television. Joanna has nothing to do with this film, but I love their family. I just want to get that out there before I start my review.

I had a great time during this film. I thought the music was great. I enjoyed the pacing and the general atmosphere in the film. I thought that it was thoughtful and the cameos were wonderful. I also liked the people that they were referencing (Hunter the Hungry was Tyler the Creator).

This might contain spoilers in case you haven’t seen the film. Which you probably haven’t, looking at the box office numbers.

I really enjoyed the opening and the backstory that goes along with the film. I liked how we were thrust right into the action and there was a quick recap on what happened without slowing down the film like Deadpool did in my eyes. I also listened to an interview with Pete Holmes and Andy Samberg; just understanding the thought process that went into the creation of the songs is awesome. Andy, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer (the Original Lonely Island) members work so well together as well. You can see their chemistry as they work together. Sarah Silverman fit well into this cast as well. Tim Meadows was also great as the Band Manager. The cast was also joined with cameos with Maya Rudolph, Will Arnett, Mike Meyers, Nas, Usher, 50 Cent, and ASAP Rocky. All of these parts work in almost perfect harmony.

I will admit that the story is nothing special. It’s really the only disappointing part of the project, but it’s forgiven by me because the music and cast work so well together.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and forgive most of its sins in the story. I like how the jokes were played out and were fully formed. I would recommend it to any SNL lovers and anyone looking for a quick laugh.

Score: 8/10