This will be a review for both the song and the video. I loved them both equally, they’re eerie and strange that gives such a creepy video to it.

First, I love the song. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The violin at the beginning is catchy and fun. It’s lighthearted in the greater scheme of everything. The line transitions into an awesome bass line that’s so catchy. I love how the Yorke’s voice fits in with it. The drums are interesting as well. They’re so tucked away, it adds a different sound to it all. The driving beat keeps everything together and it’s overall spectacular.

The lyrics are interesting, too. There’s no actually a lot of words, but you can feel how everything is put together so well and eloquently. The greater message to me is that the people need to stay hidden from the truth. Instead, go after someone that’s different than you and blame all of your problems on them. You need to abandon reason and go with the crowd. It’s a crazy song, but I think it has captured my attention on what Yorke considers relevant in the world. With it’s catchy beat, it’s almost trying to distract you from the greater message and the song.

The video is amazing. I love the style that was chosen. It’s so cheerful and bright. Underneath, as the camera follows someone, taking notes on the city, you can see how weird and strange things are. It was almost like watching Hot Fuzz for the first time. Things just don’t make sense. They are eventually drawn to this large object underneath a piece of clothing. The man we’ve been following then gets trapped inside as they light it on fire. This is when the video really shines. It is seen that the crowd turns around to wave as it zooms out. In the background, you see this giant object lit on fire and the door shaking. But in the corner, you can see the man hiding by a tree. How did he escape? What’s going on?

In the final scene, you can see him getting up and leaving with a relieved look on his face. This goes with the lyrics and being lied to that there’s something else going on that we don’t know about.

Overall, I still need to watch and listen to this a few more times, but I’m very satisfied and can’t wait to see what Radiohead releases for their 9th record.

Score: 10/10