4/20/2016 (no, I’m not smoking pot today)

Hello readers,

I’m sorry that I’ve taken some time off from posting. I had a finance test this morning that I was freaking out about and finals are just around the corner. On top of that, I’m slowly applying to internships and piecing together what I will be doing in the next summer and fall! I have several movies that I have seen recently and can review!

Hopefully you can understand, I will be back in full force in May. I have time tonight, so I’ll try to write a review. Also, my internet at my apartment wasn’t working today so I’m super stressed out and frazzled. Everything is going slightly wrong and it’s gnawing away at me. I know it’s definitely not the end of the world, I experienced that last year. This is a small side step.

Thank you all for supporting me! It means a lot that I can voice my opinion about things and not have to worried about seeing negativity and you all are very supportive!