Sorry in advance for all of the trailer reviews this week. There were just so many that caught my eye and got me excited for the year in film to come. It’s rather spectacular that in April, I am excited for films that will have a release date that is in December.

That being said, why is this trailer being called a teaser? It’s more than 2 minutes long! Does this mean that we are going to get an even longer trailer? I was expecting the original trailer to be called the teaser and this one to be the full.

Anyways, Eddie Redmayne as the lead role is why I don’t worry about the faults in naming the trailers. He looks perfect for this role. I think he’s just been expelled from Hogwarts and is coming to America to do something special. I’m not quite sure what exactly is going on as it is a little tricky to follow. I think Redmayne will fit in perfectly into this movie as he has proven himself as a capable actor. I’m interested in what he will bring to the table.

I am also interested in how Colin Farrell will do. He hasn’t been in too many big blockbuster films recently. I do like his acting style and think he will fit in well with the tone of the film. He’s American because the film is set in America and I liked the continuity of that decision.

Overall, I’m pretty excited for this film. It looks fun and enjoyable. I am interested to see where the Harry Potter franchise goes.