I legitimately thought this was a parody video when I was watching it. I realize that it’s a Japanese movie but seriously?! Is this supposed to make me excited to see another monster movie ruined? I’ve been waiting around for Pacific Rim 2 and I got this year’s and last year’s Godzilla movies. Such a disappointment.

We finally get to see Godzilla and I wish I hadn’t. He straight up looks like he’s from the 90’s. Did no one get the message to barely show him and make him in the dark to avoid seeing his flaws? That’s like monster 101 in Hollywood. This is why they do it! He looks awful. He looks like he just got out of a volcano. His tail is way to big, in fact, almost all of his body dimensions look out of whack and confusing. I can’t believe that they’re going through with this.

I want this to be a joke and I want to be wrong. The actors look like they’re in the wrong positions and are ready to die. I want something better. Nay, I need something better!