As more and more footage is released, the biggest question that I have been getting is, are you excited for this movie? The simple answer is yes, to a point.

I recently read a review praising Civil War and that makes me excited! Although, similar reviews were given for Deadpool and that honestly didn’t make me enjoy the movie any more. In fact, I was actually disappointed because people were treating it like it was going to be the next great movie of all time! Like it was going to be better than Star Wars: A New Hope. So now I don’t have too high of expectations.

I am very excited to see Black Panther on the big screen. His character interests me because he looks awesome. I don’t know a lot about him, actually. I am also excited to see Scarlet Witch as well. She was honestly my favorite character in Age of Ultron just because of the way that she played the role. I think that they could go in many different ways with her but won’t. I think she’ll be pretty boring with lame character choices; you never know though. Disney might pull something about of the hat.

I am least excited to see Captain America and Iron Man fight. I’m kinda bored with both characters and don’t really care either way. I think that Tony Stark has had more of a psychological problem while Captain America’s is more physical. Other than that, I’ve see two amazing Superheroes fight (Batman and Superman) recently and that was extremely disappointing. So I wouldn’t automatically say that it will be a great fight. I do think each character needs a nice homage for what they’ve done to complete rejuvenate the Marvel franchise.