Red alert! Red alert! Red alert!

The new trailer for Dr. Strange just released! I can’t believe this is happening and I’m super excited. We are introduced to the character and understand his motivations behind why he does the things that he does.

Firstly, we see him as a doctor trying to save people and then something happening to where he’s locked up in a cell with no way to help. Then he’s given the opportunity to help people in a different way. That’s when the cool effects occur. He looks like he has someone of the Laurence Fishburne type guiding him in a similar temple that was featured in the Matrix. Then we see a city bending like it’s from Inception!

That’s when the theory of the multiverse is very quickly explained. I can see the excitement in Cumberbatch’s eyes and that gives me so much hope for this film! I wasn’t expecting much but now I am fully aboard the hype train! Marvel, please don’t let me down! With a talent like Cumberbatch, I don’t think you will! Overall, awesome trailer!