Can this movie recover from the disaster that was known as Batman v. Superman? After viewing the trailer, I’m feeling a soft yes, but I am still on the fence.

This is an overall story narrative of the main elements of the movie, or so it seems. The last trailers gave us insight into the actual characters and this trailer seems to be giving us what’s going on around us. We see a military meeting going on and Viola Davis proposes the Suicide Squad. I’m not sure the enemy that they are going after in the beginning because it could be a number of different things when their helicopter goes down. Then we are introduced to the Joker who appears to be the villain in this movie. Batman also makes a few cameos and that’s all that was really shown in the film.

I liked this trailer. The movie looks fun! I know they were reshooting parts of the movie and that worries me. I want this to be good. I wanted Batman v. Superman to be good, but I won’t let my love for this universe blind me from the fact that this movie might actually be terrible. I think the story will be interesting and the character dynamics will be fun to watch on the big screen. I am worried about the color grading of the film. My biggest knock on BvS was how dark the film is. The same people seem to be in charge of this one. The posters are filled with bright colors, but the trailer looks so dark that it loses that element in the film. I’m worried if the contrast will hurt the film. I am still trying to be as optimistic as possible! I’m just a little worried.