“Saving the world never goes out of style”

  • Henry Cavill – Solo
  • Armie Hammer – Illya
  • Alicia Vikander – Gaby
  • Elizabeth Debicki – Victoria

This is a fun, fun movie. Fun in the way that is reminiscent of old spy movies. Set in the age of the Cold War, it is a spy thriller with a new twist. A new player has access to a nuclear bomb and it will take Russia and the US teaming up to take him down. On their travels, they will be guided and parade around with a German mechanic.

Stylistically, this movie takes a few risks and I think some of them pay off. Others don’t quite hit the mark for me. One of the biggest risks that this movie takes is the way that it’s edited. There were several transitions that caught my eye. They were used very well and created great, easy to follow action scenes. That was one of the highlights in this film. But the biggest negative from this film was actually its ending. I won’t spoil it but it leads you down too many winding turns at the end. At some point, it becomes annoying more than an actually story arc. Those are minor in the grand scheme of things.

The best thing that this movie had going for it was its tone. Guy Richie directed this film and he did a great job with the shots to frame the characters in a way that made everything they did goofy like in old spy movies. The shots were varied and action-packed. It made an entertaining movie that was full of excitement. The tone is light and jovial. Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer fit very well into this dynamic. Alicia Vikander is the rock of this film and keeps everyone in check. Her part keeps this film moving along and makes the cheesiness more spread out.

Speaking of the performances, Henry Cavill absolutely kills it. He’s charismatic, smart, and funny. I was in a state of amusement because he wasn’t playing the rigid alien from Krypton. He definitely showed his range in this film and it honestly got me excited for what’s to come in the future for him. The stunts by both him and Hammer were also great. Every scene with both Cavill and Hammer had me super amused. I was very happy with both actor’s performances, especially Cavill.

I won’t forget the female actresses who also did a pretty great job as well. Elizabeth Debicki was one the best villains in a spy movie that I saw in 2015. She definitely beat her counterpart in Spectre and Kingsman because she was a full character. I actually rooted for her. She was a real person. Alicia Vikander, as I mentioned before, was the rock of this film and played a great role. Vikander had a great year (Ex Macina, The Danish Girl, Burnt), so I’m very excited to see what project she decides to do next.

Overall, this was a fun spy movie that had a light tone and great performances. It’s a good time if you’re not looking for anything too serious and just want to have a good time.

Score: 6/10