“Bad ass. Smart ass. Great ass”

  • Directed by Tim Miller
  • Wade Wilson/ Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds
  • Dopinder – Karan Soni
  • Negasonic Teenage Warlord – Brianna Hildebrand
  • Colossus (voice) – Stefan Kapicic
  • Vanessa – Morena Baccarin
  • Ajax – Ed Skrein
  • Weasel – T.J. Miller
  • Angel Dust – Gina Carano

Beware for Spoilers!

Did this movie live up to expectations? I feel like the movie did, unfortunately the crowd I saw it with did not.

I would first like to say that this is a good movie. I won’t use the great title yet because I need to see how it stands up. But I had a genuinely good time watching it, minus the random outbursts by my theater.

I hate laugh tracks. I think they make certain dialogue phrases difficult to hear and it really just takes me out of whatever I am watching. So imagine my dislike for a hundred people laughing obnoxiously around me. I was in my worst nightmare. I have heard a lot of people say that you need to see this with a crowd. If you want the energy, I’d say see it with a crowd. But this movie throws so many jokes at you that it’s a little difficult to keep up in certain parts. The Deadpool fans that I saw it with were so awful and I honestly need to see it again in silence to hear all of the jokes before I reach a final verdict. Ok, that’s all I will say about the crowd.

This movie starts out so fast and high energy. The opening sequence and title screen were hilarious and exciting. The jokes were hitting on all cylinders and I was really excited for it. I thought the going back and forth kept the movie interesting. I was just happy when he was counting down the bullets. When Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warlord show up and Deadpool breaks his limbs, that was great! I laughed at the 127 Hours joke. I like the McAvoy or Stewart joke a lot too. It was one of the best openings for a comic book movie that I’ve ever seen.

The cab driver scenes were amazing too. They showed off how bored he gets and how off the wall he can be. In both scenes, I was having a good time. The second ride was especially funny when he used his “loud” voice so Colossus could hear and his “quiet” voice so only the Dopinder could hear. Dopinder provided balance even though he was off the wall as well.

And then the origin story happened. I understand why it’s in there. I enjoyed the love story part. I thought it was over the top and “Deadpool-y”. Vanessa and Wade’s relationship kept me captivated by the film almost. I thought the one upping childhood stories was great, but I really don’t know anything about Vanessa except that she’s a gamer’s wet dream (knowing Star Wars trivia). But I thought her character wasn’t fleshed out. What was fleshed out was the extent of the torture that Wade went through to become Deadpool. I was both bored and confused at that part. I was sitting in the back row and I checked the time at least 4 times during those scenes. They seemed to drag on forever. The people I saw it with thought it was way over 2 hours because of those scenes. I was confused because we don’t really know what the organization does. I think they were trying to play it off as Wade didn’t know so the audience won’t either. I didn’t much care for it because I didn’t care to much about Ajax (loved the joke about his name) and Angel Dust (I still know nothing about her except that she can fight). I thought that if the origin story was going to be that extensive then why am I still lost in some parts of the film.

The bar scenes with Weasel are pretty brilliant. I think that the humor is about on par with what you’d expect with criminals. I thought the avocado jokes that were in the trailer were about as perfect as I thought they would be. Weasel’s joke of you should talk to the Grim Reaper to advance the plot was also great. I thought he was in the movie for the right amounts of time.

My favorite part of this movie was Ryan Reynolds. Obviously, right? I don’t think it’s as obvious as it sounds. Reynolds has the hardest task in the entire movie, to express emotion through the suit. I think he does a spectacular job. When his eyes widen in the suit when Ajax first escaped, I thought I was watching a different movie and Reynolds was unmasked. He did such a great job at conveying exactly what he was saying through his mask. When he was in the mask, his delivery of the jokes was perfect. Reynolds made me want to keep watching this movie. I was so impressed with his style and prowess in the film. His performance was so good that I want to watch his other films.

Overall, this movie was good. Ryan Reynolds was the star and performed at the super high expectations that he created for himself. Some of the characters weren’t fleshed out enough for me, even the X characters. The villains ulterior motives were also in question for me too often in the film. I think the story could have been stronger and the pacing in the origin seemed off to me. I did have a great time watching though, I just wish the story was a little more coherent. I will definitely be seeing this film again and hopefully liking it even more.

Score: 7/10