Spoilers down below

  • Elizabeth Bennet – Lily James
  • Mr. Darcy – Sam Riley
  • Jane Bennet – Bella Heathcote
  • Lydia Bennet – Ellie Bamber
  • Mary Bennet – Millie Brady
  • Kitty Bennet – Suki Waterhouse
  • Mr. Bingley – Douglas Booth
  • Mrs. Bennet – Sally Phillips
  • Mr. Bennet – Charles Dance
  • George Wickham – Jack Huston
  • Mr. Collins – Matt Smith

I got to see this film on Tuesday, February 2, 2016. So yes, I did get to see it early and it was a great time. That being said, I wanted to alert anyone if I seem to have any sort of bias. I really don’t think I will, I genuinely had a good time.

I think films are all about the mindset that you have going into them. One quick glance at Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes would indicate that this film in a January release that got held back an extra week. When I see that, I know not to critique it so harshly and enjoy myself. And I did. You can poke holes in this movie from the start, whether from the shaky plot points (the book isn’t much better) or the slightly off CGi. But the dialogue is funny unknowingly and it’s just a fun time.

I liked the sometimes off CGi, I think that it created a light-hearted tone that a movie like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That’s probably the best movie that I can compare it to. I would recommend thinking of this movie in a way that doesn’t care about the story, just admire the atmosphere. It has a little bit of an endearing nature to me.

The acting in this movie was really hit or miss. Lily James was the star and acted like it. But she wasn’t as sassy in she was in the novel. James acted well when she had to and always remained to keep her demeanor that made the film interesting at each turn. Bella Heathcote was definitely the looks in this film. I really dislike saying that because I dislike objectifying people but I have no other way to describe her role. She was great for the first 3 scenes and then turned into 1 bewildered stare. Her lines were boring and she lost all of her luster in a strange scene with a zombie mom and baby. The other Bennet sisters could be put into 1 because that’s all the personality that they had. The mom was over the top and not enjoyable. The character that was enjoyable Matt Smith playing pastor Collins. I thought his character brought an energy that was constantly felt when he was on screen. He made this movie very enjoyable with his awkward one liners. I most impressed with him.

Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy were a great team and fun to watch when they fought the zombies. Their dialogue was a little rigid at times but they provided great comedy in other lines. They were really hit or miss. The jump scares that they started got me a few times. I didn’t like them; that’s more of a style thing over anything else. Jack Huston also played an interesting character. I won’t say too much about it because I’m still deciding if I like him or not.

Overall, this movie will win no awards, but I don’t think it’s the level of terrible that everyone is rating it. I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I would go into this film with an attitude of “this is going to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen”. Then you’ll have a fine time.

Score: 5.5/10