“The Reverse Flash Returns” (Be warned for spoilers)

  • Barry Allen/ The Flash — Grant Gustin
  • Iris West — Candice Patton
  • Caitlin Snow — Danielle Panabaker
  • Cisco Ramon — Carlos Valdes
  • Dr. Harrison Wells (E2) — Tom Cavanagh
  • Joe West — Jesse L. Martin
  • Wally West — Keiynan Lonsdale
  • Jay Garrick — Teddy Sears
  • Patty Spivot — Shantel Van Santen
  • Eobard Thawne/ The Reverse Flash — Matt Letscher

Quick thoughts on the episode: I really liked it this episode overall. Was it my favorite of the season? No. That still goes to “Enter Zoom” before the break. There weren’t too many problems with the story in this episode and another sad moment seeing Patty leave for what seems like a while.

We start this episode with the crew finding the Turtle dead. Jay keeps assuring Caitlin that Wells should not be trusted. That things go terribly wrong when he’s around. Jay continues to be one of the most boring characters without his speed force. He doesn’t really do anything for the team express raise doubts from the inside. Yes, they’re well founded, but I feel like those duties could easily be passed onto another character. The only interesting thing that happened this week is that we find out who his Earth-1 counterpart is, Hunter Zoloman. In the comics, Zoloman is the second reverse Flash who goes by Dr. Zoom. If they use this in this season is still a mystery; they are using the concept now mostly to instill off-screen distrust in Jay. I am completely okay with that. Thankfully this lame character has something going for him. Caitlin has unfortunately declined again as her role in the team shrinks as Jay takes up more of her life. It’s disappointing since we can see her potential in the Gorilla Grodd episode.

I’ve been pretty disappointed in Patty’s character development. She’s just off. Every viewer at home wants Barry to tell her the truth but freaking Wells has made Barry stay away. I understand why. Barry doesn’t want Patty being a pawn for Zoom. I just don’t like how continually you feel so terrible for Patty that it’s just annoying that the writers desperately want Barry and Iris together. I understand they are in the future, but I still don’t agree. Patty gave added energy to the show that Iris can’t. I don’t dislike Iris except that she’s ruined all of Barry’s relationships including the one with Patty by egging her on in the last episode. I just wish that Patty will come back in the near future, even if she’s not dating Barry. I think her charisma works well with the other characters and she’s smart. She figured out who the Flash is and tricked him into showing up in the train. Good one Patty, you will be missed.

Speaking of Iris, I think her chemistry with Wally has been great. I’m still deciding if I like Wally but it is apparent that he and Iris have a strong connection. The scenes with Joe were also fantastic as he and Iris saw Francine for one of the last times. I hope Wally can fit into this family equation. So far I think he has very well. We shall see how his character progresses. They’re hinting strongly that he might get speed force with all of the allusions to him wanting to go faster in cars. Hopefully, Wally, Iris, and Joe are given more scenes of connection and make a strong team. I’m very interested to see where they go.

And now for the meat of the episode. The Reverse Flash is back! But wait didn’t he die at the end of last season? Apparently not, according to the Time Remnant Theory. Which was explained in a very confusing way. Basically it’s a theory that is time figure out a way to correct itself so Eobard wasn’t erased from existence as previously mentioned. Do I agree? No. Dr. Wells tries to explain it with a blackboard drawing and I think it made it more confusing. Moving along. Eobard has come back to find out which time period the Flash is from, in an effort to expose the Flash when he’s weaker. The Reverse Flash sets up and accident and tricks Barry into exposing himself (foreshadowing for the Patty events later). Barry rushes in and now Eobard needs to go home with his new information and kidnaps a local scientist to get “home”. In the process The Flash kidnaps him and things get interesting.

So, Cisco is the real “hero” of this episode by using his powers to find out that the Reverse Flash is even in the picture. Wells then engineers glasses to amplify his powers. He “sees” into the future and prevents a major event happening in the timeline. But before I get to that, the conversation that Cisco has with Eobard is very telling of how he feels about him. Eobard thinks it’s his first time going back so he has so recollection of the events in the first season. Cisco just tells him that Eobard gave him his powers and it’s ironic that those were the reason that Eobard got caught. The performance from Cisco was quite phenomenal and he’s turned into my favorite character of the show. Which meant I was quite on edge when he started to disappear from reality when he prevented Eobard from going home in the timeline. Thankfully it resolved and all was well.

Overall, this episode wasn’t as bad as the one from the previous week for me. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the series to continue. I’m really interested to see where they take it going forward.

Score: 8/10