“Strange Visitor From Another Planet” (Spoilers below)

Kara Danvers/ Supergirl — Melissa Benoist

Alex Danvers — Chyler Leigh

Hank Henshaw/ Martian Manhunter — David Harewood

Cat Grant — Calista Flockhart

Adam Foster — Blake Jenner

This episode was the emotional episode that I have wanted for a long time. Cat Grant finally reconnects with her son and we get more into the story of Martian Manhunter.

There are two main plots in this episode, the first being Cat Grant reconnecting with her son, Adam Foster. A heart-felt letter is read by Kara. This is the letter that got Adam to come back into town and try to become a part of Cat’s life. Cat thinks that she can handle this pressure and blindly confronts the situation in the only way she knows how, aggressively. Obviously, this doesn’t go well and Adam reacts terribly. Kara steps in and does what she does best and fixes it by being gentle and calm.

Blake Jenner and Calista Flockhart acted phenomenally! They really sold their performances and felt so real. I almost forgot that they weren’t mother and son. Benoist also sold her performance as the mediator. All the performances were great this week. Olsen and Lucy Lane were sidelined and that might have a better move then predicted. Leigh and Harewood were also great. Which leads into the other main plot of the show.

Martian Manhunter vs. White Martian. This was a fight that will probably lead into a war with the White Martian race. It’s pretty exciting but the meat of argument was Hank saying that he used his powers incorrectly vs. Alex who wants to fight with him. Their relationship shifts from father/ daughter to even siblings. Leigh and Harewood sell their performances to the point where I forget the DEO is an imaginary organization and Harewood isn’t an alien.

I was very happy with the episode. I can’t wait for Bizarro next week. I’m not mad that Kara was again the voice of reason because she’s having problems separating herself from the situation. I’m not upset that Wynn and Kara barely communicated, that’s what happens when you take a risk for a girl and it fails. I still like their chemistry but I really like Jenner. Mainly because he and Benoist are married in real life. I also wasn’t mad that Astra and Maxwell Lord also weren’t in the episode after witnessing the last Spiderman.

Score: 9/10