Supergirl is the most polarizing show on TV currently. I think the large part of it is that yes, it’s different. I say different in a good way. I think a strong female superhero is what the community has wanted for quite a while. Black Widow vs. all of the rest of the Avengers isn’t cutting it anymore. Melissa Benoist is coming off of a stellar performance in Whiplash and she was a part of Glee for many seasons. This show wears its heart on its sleeve and doesn’t skirt around the issues. That’s why I think it is great in its run so far.

That was my quick review for everyone who has never seen the show before. This episode was the winter finale after Supergirl (Kara (Melissa Benoist)) has gotten her powers back. Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) was revealed to the audience and to Kara’s sister, Alex (Chryler Leigh). Winn (Jeremy Jordan) is also mad that Kara and Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) hugged. So it’s basically another week as a superhero.

This episode starts off immediately after the last scene of the episode before. Kara was flying around just trying to get some air when she gets trapped by her Aunt, Astra (Laura Benanti) and her henchmen. Kara barely escapes and the audience is left to wonder what is going to happen next. Supergirl is obviously rattled by the whole situation and her sister and Henshaw try to help her calm down. This confuses Kara and reminds the audience, not so subtly, that Alex and Henshaw are cool after what seems like no time at all. Kara’s confusion is palpable. Her face is in total dismay, but there’s so much going on all around them that she has to continue on and ask questions later.

Kara then has to go through work on the busiest days of the year, her boss, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), getting hacked. Cat makes Kara, Winn, and Jimmy find out who did it. Kara, exhausted, accidentally reveals herself by using her supersonic hearing and getting excited she found the hacker. Kara tries to play it off cool, but Cat, who’s the head reporter, notices subliminally that something is up. The team then quickly figures out and disarms the computer.

This whole time, Supergirl doesn’t play around. It doesn’t skirt the idea and let it bumble up. It straight up tells you. It’s a very direct show that doesn’t require too much thinking. It replaces that with solid performances and it’s really fun to see how all of the characters act. At the end of the episode, Cat figures out who Kara is. Kara is trying to be cute and shy like her non-super character and Cat reads her like a book. Calista and Mechad keep the show down to Earth and on the straight and narrow. Melissa has a character that needs to be jittery and Jeremy needs to be kid. It’s an awkward balance that Supergirl has gotten right. Sometimes the characters do something that’s crazy but the show keeps the stars in their roles.

For instance, Winn is jealous of Kara liking Jimmy over him and takes it out in a childish way. Winn hasn’t grown up between episodes, he’s the same character. In a lot of these shows, it’s easy to advance the character development in full throttle as the action gets going but this show keeps everything in perspective. Kara has definitely grown the most, which makes sense because she’s dealing with all sorts of problems and having to constantly adapt. Cat and Jimmy are still the mother and father figures guiding Kara (and Winn some) in every way, but their interactions haven’t changed because Kara has grown up.

The Cat Grant reveal is interesting because she’s in charge of a major news company. You can see the wheels turning in her head as she will try to exploit her as Clark Kent does to himself in the Daily Planet.

This is still a show that has action. Supergirl is not a show devoid of it. It is well down led by Alex and Henshaw for the most part. Kara can fly which is cool, but it becomes easier to fake the fighting. Alex has no powers and she fights very well. Her character never backs down to the challenge and is wins when the field is equal. The fight between Astra was interesting at first. I thought that Astra was fighting her hardest and was captured. Alex recognized that Astra left herself open to lose. Astra knew that Kara would go after her and let Kara win. We are then taken to Maxwell Lord’s (Peter Facinelli) and the real fighting begins. Henshaw fighting is interesting because we know that he’s not human and his fighting style is different from the other humans. The Kryptonians fight like Kara and Astra. This is all well balanced and doesn’t create the dizzying effect as shown in other superhero shows and movies. We are then left with the biggest cliffhanger of all leading into the next episode that won’t come until January.

Overall, the action and character development are well balanced and this show is very watchable. Sometimes people wish that it would be more subtle, but I think that it’s good that it doesn’t change its views every other episode. Its consistency is nice because you know what you’re getting. All of the characters are fun to watch when they’re all in the same room. I can’t wait for the season to continue in the spring and I’m glad that it got extended to twenty episodes.

Score: 8 out of 10