I would like to preface this review with my statement that I have not read the comics and are not very familiar with them. If I get a few facts wrong, I apologize and please correct me.

So this trailer introduces us to the five main characters in the film: Lex Luthor, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lois Lane.

I’ll start with Lex Luther who seems to have thrown some sort of event to get Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in the same area without them knowing who they actually are, but they have some suspicion. You can just see it in their eyes that they know. These events take place after Batman has begun to try to clean up Gotham city. I don’t know why Clark would leave Metropolis, but I have to believe that it has something to do with the Daily Planet. Luther is shown to be psychotic and the main source of problems in the entire trailer. I don’t know who Luther is supposed to be in the comics but I think that Jesse Eisenberg will do a good job. I think he fits the bill of being crazy and psycho while having some sort of control. It is the same character he portrayed in the Social Network.

Henry Cavill is playing Clark Kent/ Superman as shown previously in the Man of Steel. I thought that he brought a new dimension to the character that seemed to be lacking in the previous iterations. I haven’t watched Man of Steel in a hot second though, so I could be romanticizing the character. He seems to be shown as the enemy and rightly so because I was one to complain to see him fighting General Zod in the middle of the city when he could’ve dragged the battle somewhere else. I think his internal struggle will be against people who don’t trust him while he believes that he is doing good. I am very excited to see this play out. I hope his chemistry with Amy Adams who is playing Lois Lane is just as strong in this film as well. She was barely in the trailer, but I was happy to see her still in and not cut out like the female characters in the Marvel films.

Ben Affleck has been my favorite actor since The Town. So I am very, very bias. Just a heads up. He seems like the rugged, handsome, older man who saw a city being destroyed and his city in shambles. I don’t know why he was in Metropolis, but hopefully we will find out. I do like his character being against Superman because he’s just scared of him. As he should be from an alien who we don’t know. I think it is playing on the lines of the common man not knowing what or who is saving them and the fate of everything being out of control being too much. I loved the line he delivered to Kent about the clown. So great. Hope the dialogue is that snappy in the film. Affleck and Cavill have already shown their chemistry. I do believe that the scene with the mask ripping off is a dream state. That is the main motivation for Batman attacking Superman.

Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman is the wild card. We see her coming to save the day and joining Batman and Superman. I’m so excited to see a strong female lead. I think the universe needs more diversity. I don’t know much of anything about Wonder Woman so I am pretty lost on her character. I don’t know what to think except she looks like she can fight! Pumped to see Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman on the screen at once.

I’m not expecting a Supergirl sighting, but a reference might drop. I believe that Flash and Arrow are technically on different “Earths” as explained by the TV shows.

I am very excited for this movie and all the comic book movies coming out in 2016!!!