I’m finally excited for this movie. This trailer has sparked my excitement because we finally get to see the main conflicts and all of the characters that will be jammed into this movie. I know that they cut Hulk and I was disappointed, but if that meant that Black Panther could be in it. Then I’m all in.

The trailer showed the main conflict of the movie which is that Captain America is starting to see that the government is not as great as he once thought. It’s almost an “American” ideal that he can do it better than can and has become a vigilante of sorts to save his friend Bucky. Bucky was brainwashed and didn’t realize what he was doing, but the government is now after him because of his assassinations. This sets the stage for Iron Man, who will be affiliated with the government, versus Captain America trying to save his friend, Bucky. Each sides has their own “Super” friends and they are going to fight.

Black Panther was shown for a few frames and he’s honestly what I’m most excited for. He is from outer space and has vibranium which is what Captain America’s shield is made of. I am thinking that he will be a third party in this because he doesn’t care what happens but he obviously wants something. Iron Man wants his vibranium because he wants to make his suits out of it. That will probably be what is drawing him into this fight.

We see War Machine without his core and maybe his life, we don’t know. We see the other Avengers fighting themselves. This is going to set the stage for an epic battle.

My favorite scene is definitely the last one with Cap and Bucky squaring off against Iron Man. Along with Tony’s last line of “I thought that was us” after Cap said that he had to help his friend. I think this will be an emotionally charged film and I honestly can’t wait til release day.