Delirium is Ellie Goulding’s third major album release and by far, the most put together. The progression that Goulding has shown over the years is phenomenal. She has taken the pressure of being a pop star well and is on to making better and better music. This review will be about the deluxe edition of the album.

As a whole, Delirium follows previous chord progressions and stays in similar keys as previous songs, but it each song has an extra layer of electronic music in the background or stronger vocals. Goulding created a new album that is completely original with some extra tracks from other projects to fit them quite well into the main message of her album. For instance, the track, Love Me Like You Do, from the 50 Shades of Grey film fits well in between the tracks of Holding on For Life and Don’t Need Nobody.

My favorite track on this album is I Do What I Love because of the risks that it took. I think that the vocal changes that she plays with make the song fun and enjoying. The key changes throughout keep me on my toes. I also like the lyrics of “I don’t ask your permission” and “stop me, stop me, I’m stopping you”. I think that the tone that she creates is a defiant one and she is not going to conform to anything or anyone. That is the main theme of this album.

It starts towards the beginning with the track, Codes, after being placed behind the track, Around U. In Around U, she plays with the idea that she wants to be constantly around this guy and wants him to like her. In Codes, Goulding wants to break through his codes and just be herself. She is challenging the typical ideas of women being weak and I really admire her for attacking the status quo.

Unfortunately, there are some negatives. These are more phrased as I wish that these elements were a little stronger and more fleshed out. In some of the tracks, Aftertaste, the chorus is so dominant that the rest of the song feels incomplete. In a few other songs the production feels incomplete and Goulding’s voice does not exactly fill the void that is missing. I also think that the track, Intro (Delirium), should be scrapped. I felt that I was just wishing that the album started. I feel like it would have been a stronger closing track.

Overall, I think this was a very solid record and I am excited to see what Goulding produces in the future. I will probably continue to listen to this record off and on until her next one releases. I’m glad that Goulding is progressing as an artist and hopefully the trend of strong pop albums continues in 2015.

Score: 6.5-10