Ant Man may be the Guardians of the Galaxy this year. Not because it has an amazing soundtrack but because it is unexpected in almost every way.

Ant Man starts with Michael Douglass who plays Hank Pym who creates this technology to shrink things to a smaller size. Not microscopic but ant/ insect size. The backstory and CG to make him look young is amazing. The team working on the opening scenes definitely got it right. Having his face look that real is a true testament to the new technology and great work by the team.

Then the movie fast forwards to where we meet Paul Rudd (Scott Lang) who is a convict who is leaving prison. He is met with his partner Michael Pena. The banter between them is very strong. The dialogue feels real and natural. They meet the rest of the team who are a bunch of lovable guys.

The story then shoots off to Douglass’ protégé played by Corey Stoll who is now trying to replicate the technology and sell it to Hydra to use it as a weapon. At this time we also meet Douglass’ daughter played by Evangeline Lilly.

That is about all of the story. Although it’s not the most complex and compelling plot. It stands out from other Marvel movies whose plots have been lacking recently. Most notably Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: the Dark World. The characters all relate to one another.

The director for this Peyton Reed who’s most notable for his direction of Yes Man. I think he was a great choice and it reflects the communication between the characters. For instance, all of the characters are not only hilarious but very relatable. Rudd plays an almost “human” superhero. He works at Baskin Robins of all place with his PhD in Engineering.

Overall, this movie is hilarious and well worth your time and money. By the time you read this you can probably see it very cheaply at matinee. I think it was worth it paying full price in the theater when I saw it. I would highly recommend it if you’re wanting a movie that won’t take too much thought and will be a good time. –