Ted 2 stars Mark Wahlberg as John whose teddy bear, Ted (Seth MacFarlane), has come to life. This is the sequel to the first movie in 2012. This time around Ted is trying to have a child with his wife Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) and they need the help from a legal person, Samantha (Amanda Seyfried). This movie is directed by Seth MacFarlane who is trying to rebound from his last film, A Million Way to Die in the West.

This film is what I expected, but there were some things that surprised me. I was expecting an onslaught of pot and insensitive jokes. For the most part that’s what you got. There were some triple-A cameos with jokes that received a “heh” from me and that was about it. I was very surprised by the chemistry by Wahlberg and Seyfried. They did a great job together making all of their parts work. They just felt like a team. I really enjoyed their conversations and interactions.

The negatives were glaring. To get to the main part of the movie, you have to sit through an opening “dance” that takes so long, we almost left. It took a lot of their budget it appeared as the last few scenes are just a narration. The story is lacking in that regard. Seyfried doesn’t enter the picture until way later in the film and it’s honestly disappointing. Tami-Lynn’s character is a stereotype and I wish they would have improved on her a little more. But she’s pretty flat and one-sided. There’s not much you can do there except take her off the screen, which happened frequently.

If you’re looking to shut your brain down for a few hours and get 2 hilarious bits and a some mediocrity, then go and watch this movie. If not, I’d stay at home and find a funnier comedy or go see something else.