Spy is a movie that is directed by Paul Feig. He also directed other films like Bridesmaids and the Heat. He has proved himself as someone that can direct comedy. Does he direct this movie as well as his other films? In my opinion, he does not live up to his standards previously set by Bridesmaids and the Heat.

The main stars in this movie are Melisa McCarthy who plays an intelligence correspondent in the FBI. She is joined by Jason Statham and Jude Law as other spies. The plot is pretty stereotypical but that’s not the reason that you would choose to see this film. This film revolves around humor between McCarthy and Statham. They carry the film with some help from a few people including Rose Byrne and Richard Brake.

This is a comedy film that doesn’t really try to throw any real messages at you and I enjoyed that. It didn’t get too preach-y. It kept the tone fun and uplifting throughout. The film will probably not win too many award because it’s not that type of movie.

If you want a non-thinking, happy time in the theater, then this is your movie.