By now, I imagine that everyone who is currently reading this has already seen this movie as it has taken the industry by storm this year by breaking every record in its path. The franchise has revitalized itself and taken a new form with Spielberg as the executive producer. The new director Colin Trevorrow does a fantastic job using the already created world and making it into something that he has envisioned. The way that the movie was shot and the colors are truly a work of art. I was very hesitant to see the world lose its “touch” after so many years, but it stays exactly where it was. The CG is a little disappointing at times because some of the acting is very much directed at certain objects instead of the larger picture but that’s honestly a small complaint in what really is a great film.

This movie is funny and entertaining. This is lead off by the new man in charge, Chris Pratt. His character drives the plot forward and helps the action grow. His co-partner, Bryce Dallas Howard also does a great job. Her character is multi-dimensional and that’s what I really like. The sub-plot between the two boys is unfortunately forgettable. I really tried to relate to the teenage boy but he was too much of a lady’s man and the younger kid was way too smart for my rather small intelligence. We didn’t share any of the same characteristics and that’s why I found it hard to relate. I think that if you could relate to either one of them, their story became a lot more interesting but unfortunately I couldn’t.

Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, is led into the film strangely in my mind but it works for the best. He has witty phrases that he’s known for and he’s goofy at the right times. It’s impressive to see his transformation from Parks and Rec to this. Pratt is really hitting his stride in the acting world. When he was on screen, he was the main focus and did not shy away. He is what drove the film and made it into what it is.

This is a great way to make the franchise come back in the spotlight. And if for any reason you have not seen it. The only person you are doing an injustice to is yourself.

Also shout out to my old coworker, Abe. You did great as the control room worker.