I’ve seen the movie Dope twice now. First impression was honestly: am I racist? The more I have thought about it, the more I have realized how much this movie throws at you in a short amount of time. I honestly didn’t understand most of the references in the movie and had to Google them and watch this movie again a few days later.

This is a story about a kid named Malcolm (Shameik Moore) who is a geek and has two friends, Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons). The difference between most geeks and Malcolm is that Malcolm comes from Inglewood. More specifically, he comes from a place called the Bottoms which is the poorest neighborhood in the area. The area is very poor and they are ousted for even wanting to go college.

On the way home from school one day, Malcolm gets entangled in a drug ring after a local gang. He is then forced to do things that most people from higher status and wealth wouldn’t even consider. But he sees an opportunity and follows it.

Aside from the main characters, the other people in this film do fantastic. From ASAP Rocky to Zoe Kravitz. Even Blake Anderson did a fantastic job in his role. I was stunned by everyone’s performances but not enough can be said about Shameik Moore. He had everyone in the theater thoroughly convinced that he was straight out of the 90’s. His mannerisms were very life like and he almost felt like a character that I had known for years. I have a feeling he won’t be nominated for actor of the year because he’s not a big name or from a big film but you never know. He certainly has my vote.

This movie is truly fantastic. It took me and put me into Malcolm’s world and made me remember why I love movies so much. It make me question what I believe about certain people and why. It make me think about how to solve problems from what you have. I would recommend this to anyone and especially my friends who are upset about this confederate flag business to take a look at the other side and try to understand what people are going through.