Pitch Perfect 2 opens with a familiar scene. An a cappella team is singing and performing and something embarrassing happens to the Barden Bellas. The whole movie transcends into the struggle of leaving college and moving on to the future while balancing the current situations. It is a slightly long film whose characters have beyond amazing chemistry that carries the plot. Although there were some slightly racist jokes that maybe slid too far. All and all, it lived up to the expectations that the first one set.

Pitch Perfect 2 is directed by Elizabeth Banks and she also plays a minor role as one of the judges (Gail) who have now started a podcast in a satirical fashion. Her partner is John (John Michael Higgins). They both have great chemistry but John’s anti-women slurs spurred a lot less people than I had anticipated. Each one made me cringe and got a few sympathy laughs from the audience. Apart from these few slurs, they did a wonderful job. Banks proved herself as being both a capable and wonderful director in her own way. This movie had many expectations on it and I must say that she did a good job with the shots that she chose and the color scheme that the movie maintained.

The main stars of this movie are Beca (Anna Kendrick), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), and Emily (Hailee Steinfeld). The other girls are unfortunately continuations of the stereotypes they fulfilled in the last movie and provide not much else. Fat Amy gets a few scenes that set her apart of the fat and lazy stereotype. She is hilarious and she gets written like a Melissa McCarthy character. Overall she does a good job. There’s not much development on Emily but that she’s a new college kid among a group of people who have been there a while. Her character does a fairly good job at developing throughout the film and I was impressed by her acting.

Beca is by far the main character. She is focusing on her new internship and planning the set pieces for the Bellas. Kendrick does a great job portraying the struggle that most college students go through when college life is about to be over. Her character had a rather quick change of mind that I really didn’t like but overall I thought her character was very well thought out and I enjoyed her very much.

The surprises in this movie were Pieter Kramer (Flula Borg), Kommissar (Birgitte Hjort Sorensen), and Beca’s Boss  (Keegan-Michael Key). Flula and Sorensen were downright hilarious and perfect villains. I’ve watched Flula for a while on Youtube and I’m glad that he got to act in this role. It suits him very well. Sorensen was very much frightening yet beautiful at the same time. Both characters were down very well. Key is the funniest I think I’ve ever seen him. He reinvigorates the movie and makes it seem 100% fresh. He is everything that the movie needed. I can’t say enough about how funny he was in every scene.

Overall, this movie is what everyone wanted. Minor character flaws aside, I think it was a very good film and the new characters fit very well together.

Score: 3/3