Unfriended stars 6 teenagers who convince one of their peers to commit suicide through Cyber Bullying exactly one year ago. This movie was directed by Leo Gabriadze and stars Heather Sossaman (Laura), Matthew Bohrer (Matt), Courtney Halverson (Val), Shelly Hennig (Blaire), Moses Jacob Starm (Mitch), Will Peltz (Adam), Renne Olstead (Jess), and Jacob Wysocki (Ken). All of these characters are all very stereotypical and have no real background to them except that they’re all pretty terrible people.

This film is a little different because it is told 100% through Hennig’s computer. I enjoyed this new idea because the sounds were almost 100% authentic and the computer screen looked that of a typical teenage girl (a lot of applications and internet tabs open). This also created some new elements to horror movies because it was suspenseful when the teenager’s Skype call got disconnected and then came back to see their extravagant death sequences.

The “monster” was portrayed well to me because it was not only a “new age” cyber attacker, but it was a metaphysical beast as in other horror films and it presented new elements to this horror flick. It was horrifying because it claimed that someone would die unless the teenagers stayed and play “the game”. The game was never have I ever that turned everyone against each other especially when it used their emotions to turn them against each other.

Overall, I think this film kept me on my seat for the relatively short run time but the authentic sounds and the new type of horror movie kept me intrigued. I really had a good time watching it. The other people that I watched it with weren’t as impressed so this movie will not be universally liked by everyone but I really enjoyed it, but I do understand if you don’t like it. Go in with relatively low expectations and this will be a good thriller.

Score: 3/3