Get hard stars Will Ferrell (James) as a rich man who doesn’t care about anyone that is not in his inner circle and Kevin Hart (Darnell) as the anti-stereotypical African American character. It is directed by Etan Cohen.

These are about the only things you need to know about this film because it really is the Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell show. The other characters are shallow and easy to read. That honestly doesn’t really hurt the film because Ferrell and Hart have great chemistry on the big screen.

The plot is full of holes starting out with the fact that Hart stops going to work the second that the plot starts. The ending is your typical happy ending that I guessed as the film started. But it didn’t ruin it because of the chemistry previously mentioned. I had a great time watching this movie. I had very low expectations and I believe that you need low expectations to like this movie. There are some very, genuine hilarious moments but the film dragged its feet in some spots.

I went with my normal group of friends who wanted to suspend themselves from reality for a couple of hours and that’s honestly all that I wanted. It knew what it was and kept true to it. I had a very enjoyable time going and watching this film. It is no comedy masterpiece. It is a great time with friends who want a movie that you don’t want to think to hard and have a good time.

Score: 2/3