What can be said about this film? It is a Nolan masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on people as did the 2001: Space Odessy. These two movies can’t actually be compared except for the fact that they both made people want to get a deeper understanding for what is beyond this floating rock. 

This movie stars Matthew McConaughey (Cooper) and Anne Hathaway (Brand) as the two main actors with the other ones floating around in a mix of relativity that would honestly make Albert Einstein smile. They travel through time and witness their aging familes played by Mackenzie Foy, Jessica Chastain, and Ellen Burstyn (as Murphy) and Michael Caine (Dr. Brand (Father of Hathaway)). There are surprise cameos that I will not spoil but this film is honestly filled with surprises and twists.  

The basic plot of the film is we need to leave Earth because we have simply exhausted all of its resources and must find a way to keep the human race alive. The overarching themes of the film are the quest for survival and one involving emotion that I won’t ruin for you. It does a great job at leading you through the problem in what some say a slow fashion but I felt it right so that you could connect with everyone involved. It’s rather remarkable how you feel for everyone’s character and not just a specific actor/ actress as the film progresses. It’s really a true testemant to Christopher Nolan’s ability as a director to make you want everyone to do the right thing or feel a certain way when something happens even if they’ve aged several years since the last time you’ve seen them. 

This movie will make you laugh and cry. But mainly, you’ll cry and want to cry for long stretches. It’s a very emotional film with many ups and downs. You never quite know what the next scene will hold or how it will make you feel but you have to simply “enjoy the ride”. 

The imagery in this film is simply fantastic. Although, I had a hard time fully experiencing this film not in a theater. It will really be that one film that I saw in the theater that will never live up to expectation even on Blu-ray. Yes, everything still looks amazing and wonderful on Blu-ray but it doesn’t quite capture your attention as much unlike when you saw it on the big screen. Nolan does an excellent job with placing his shots so you feel like you’re on whichever planet the travelers are on and you feel completely captivated by his filmmaking. It’s truly extraordinary the things that this movie makes you feel. 

The score in this movie won an Oscar and it’s still underrated. It adds to the imagery but the best part of the movie is when it is completely silent. This may sound weird but it does something that Star Wars never let me experience. The emptiness and true feeling of space. There is one particular moment (an explosion) where this is fully acheived. You are fully expecting it and all you hear is nothing. A pin could drop in the room and you would hear it perfectly. The score does occasionally cut out dialogue but honestly it doesn’t bother me because the score almost adds more effect to the mood than any unimportant dialogue at the current time would. Hans Zimmer continues to impress as he fully captures the intended mood when there is a atmosphere and actually sound can be audible. It is almost perfection that he makes you jump to the edge of your seat at just the right time and he makes the film seem a lot shorter than it actually is because everything is so well connected and put together. 

Overall, this movie is amazing. It is in my top 10 movies of all time and sometimes, it is in my top 5. Never has any movie about science made me more motivated to care more in my classes and strive to be better so I can fully understand this movie more thoroughly. It does a great job at capturing the full potential of just the craziness which is the endavor to go to space in the first place. The vastness and beauty of space is sometimes lost in films but it is very clear that this is not one of those movies. I would say go see this film as soon as possible and try to find the biggest TV that you can, you won’t regret it.

Score: 3/3