Se7en is a film directed by David Fincher and stars Morgan Freemon and Brad Pitt and one actor who got his start as maniacal super villain. This is one of David Fincher’s first films and one of the reasons why I love him as a director. It is incredibly well shot and lit. The sound of the soundtrack never gets in the way of the dialogue and vice versa.

Seeing this movie in the “future” or not in the time that it was filmed made me nostalgic of the technology that I never actually used. Seeing Morgan Freemon use a type writer or Brat Pitt using a phone the size of a brick made me laugh. But don’t get it twisted this movie is not funny and does not try to be. There is no buddy buddy cop sction as in new films. It is very much a dark and twisty crime thriller that never quite gives in.

I really enjoyed this film and it very highly rated on IMDB. It wasn’t rated that high on rotten tomatoes, though. I find that perfectly acceptable because not that many people liked Fight Club either. A David Fincher film needs to set in and reviewing it right away or initial gut feelings to the movie are sometimes skewed. After sleeping on the whole idea of the movie, I was able to reassess it and realize that I actually liked all of the characters and understood all of the motives between the characters and it made sense.

An underrated actor/ actress in this movie was actually Gwenth Paltrow. She did a very good job and was very believable as Brad Pitt’s wife. She doesn’t have many lines and doesn’t appear in too many scenes but you feel for her after every twist and turn because you know that she is sad and alone in a big city so that her husband can be happy. She sacrificed her own happiness for her husband’s and she makes you always wonder where she is or what she is doing at all times.

The ending to this movie was very good! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole film was structured very well. Motto toot my own horn but i guessed most parts of the ending so it doesn’t twist too far from the truth. I think it just tells me to stop reading so many mystery novels and to turn off Sherlock every once in a while. Anyways, I would say go watch this movie whenever you can if you want a thrilling murder film. It is very smart and wonderfully done.

Score: 3/3