Nightcrawler is a film that was directed by Dan Gilroy and stars Jake Gyllenhall as a “sociopath” of sorts named Louis Bloom. The film starts out as Gyllenhall as a man who is stealing things from people such as not official police officers and the city by taking man hole covers and copper. On his way home from unsuccessfully trying to get a job, he stops at a car fire and discovers a new profession: filming crimes as they happen and selling them to local news stations.

This film is very artsy and despite the shaky cam at times, I believe it is very well shot. The shots capture the emotion of the time and are very meticulously done especially in the opening the closing of most scenes. The movie is paced very well, but there is the occasional dull moment that is made up for in the wicked ride of a conclusion. The score and under tone of the film are also very well balanced and leave the viewer very much on the edge of their seat. It is a wild ride that is enhanced by the very detailed shots.

There is not enough that can be said about Jake Gyllenhall’s performance. He convinces the audience that he is a true psychopath at times. He is supported by Rene Russo as the news director that assists him and Rick Garcia as himself. But Gyllenhall carries the film at times with his character’s witty back and forth arguements with the other characters and his overall insanity in the role. I won’t spoil the ending but he definitely hits expectations on what many call the performance of the year.

Overall, this film will keep you on the edge of your seat and will leave you shaking when the film ends. Gyllenhall does not let anyone down and delivered a performance of his lifetime.

Score: 3/3