I Love You HoneyBear is an album by Father John Misty. It is a wonderful sounding and free flowing album that makes you feel good listening to every song. The album has very strong indie rock vibes and some rock and pop themes as well. 

 My personal favorite of the album is the track “Chateau Lobby #4”. It’s got a great sound to it with soothing instrumentation in the background. Its lyrics are a love story of sorts of a man meeting a woman but never getting a second date. He claims that he loves her because he wants to see her in the kitchen in their shared house. He also says that they complain about the same things so they are perfect together.

This album is my favorite of the year thus far and is a fascinating listen. The structure is simple and very nice. Get this album on Spotify or iTunes or whatever music service you use. But do yourself a favor and listen to this. 

Overall: 3/3